Small groups are intentional gatherings of two to 12 people meeting around a topic, a purpose, an event, or for fun and fellowship on a regular basis to apply elements of fellowship, discipleship, worship, and ministry to the world.

Small groups are offered in different formats or focuses and they meet at different times throughout the week.

  • Life Groups provide the opportunity to care for and encourage one another in the relaxing setting of a home in our area. LIFE groups provide a short study of Scripture, the application of biblical principles to today's needs, the opportunity to pray for one another, and a safe place to build lasting friendships.
  • Special Interest Groups organize around a group's shared interest in a hobby, activity, or interest. Special Interest groups emphasize the opportunity to make and develop relationships with others in a non-threatening environment.
  • Growth Groups (LIFE Classes and Wednesday Night Select Classes) are similar to Adult Sunday School classes. Growth groups focus on provided in-depth teaching, the study of Scripture, and emphasize the application of biblical truth to life's challenges.


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